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Work Experience

November 2003-May 2005

Sr. Business Analyst and Technical Leader
Client: BAE Systems, Department of US Navy Contract
March 2005-May 2005

Major Accomplishments

          As technical leader, consolidated requirements for a conceptual design, developed process flow and an MS project schedule for Systems evaluation and testing of Underwater Launch Technology Sustainment System.    

Sr. Requirements Analyst
Client: Lockheed Martin IT, Enterprise Technology Services Contract (ETSC)
November 2003-February 2005


       To research, capture and document requirements and design using J2EE architecture for Enterprise Technology Services Contract (ETSC), an internet-based application development contract with Social Security Administration (SSA). To possess substantive Information Technology knowledge and shall have demonstrated hands-on expertise in analysis of problems and technical requirements in computing, networking and application areas specified in a work order, and shall possess extensive experience in evaluating, implementing and supporting the use of appropriate solutions for these problems and requirements. Works independently or as the leader of a team as required.  Shall also possess superior oral and written communications skills in order to clearly and effectively convey issues, reports, and other deliverables to SSA counterparts.

Major Accomplishments 

          Provide technical expertise, support, oversight and needs analysis in functional areas such as, but not limited to, design and development of appropriate IT solutions and architectures, creation of information and decision papers on IT issues, assistance in the development of IT standards, review of logical and physical database and application design, change control and problem resolution, validation and stress-testing of IT solutions, facilitating the use of IT solutions by end-users.

          Apply an enterprise-wide set of disciplines for the planning, analysis, design and construction of information systems on an enterprise-wide basis or across a major sector of the enterprise.

          Lead the formulation, review and recommendation of solutions to customer problems based on prior experience and hands-on understanding of how products and services interrelate and support the customer mission.

          Responsible for the requirements workload associated with several Internet applications:

  • Researched current trends in Web Application Monitoring (WAM) technologies and COTS tools.

  • Documented Speech Technology Medicare Replacement Card (TMRC) and Benefit Verification (TBEV) MI Detailed Functional Requirements (DFR).

  • Developed Technical Reference Wiki site for the Internet 3368 Professionals, Representatives and Organizations (i3368PRO) AeDib application with input from the developers.

  • Developed Release Check List (RCL) for ISBA Purge MI.

  • Assisted customer in P&A meetings and developing data dictionary for ISBA conversion (Medicare project).

          Responsible for the project documentation associated with several Internet applications.  The documentation includes Detailed Functional Requirements (DFR), Detailed System Specifications (DSS), and Test and Validation Plan (TVP).